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When I had "the" car accident in 1990, my life changed drastically. Over several years, I healed. Not back to my original, pre-accident state, but to a fairly healthy state. I was walking, riding my bike, swimming, dancing. I was not horseback riding, skiing, bungy jumping :)....all this with a broken back.

The last few years have taken it's toll on my body, much of it is because I do not exercise enough. Getting in and out of a car is not the same as walking up and down 5 flights of stairs several times, eh?

Unfortunately, the last years have also been an odyssey of unsatisfactory diagnosis when I DO go see a doctor. Pain is always blamed on the after effects of my accident. I only go because the pain is so strong that I am ready to jump off a cliff. To this day, nothing has helped. I even tried acupuncture, which was heavenly while I was in the office, but as soon as the needles came out, the pain was back. I was contemplating permanent little needles, I wonder if anyone makes these?? :) I became so desperate that I began taking hard-core nerve numbing medication. It was great for about 3 days. I took it right before going to sleep, and I finally slept for more than 2 hours because I had no pain. I did feel like I partied all night the next morning, but hey, it could be worse.

10 days later my body filtered through that medication and did what it always does, it rejects. It becomes immune, which is precisely why I never need medication :)...

I have spent two hellish weeks of no sleep and constant, burning/stinging pain. Now I am going back to what I was meant to do: Find a way to heal myself. I want to share with you what I find, what works, and what doesn't. As life goes, once I decided to embark on this journey of research, things come to me that I did not know about.

1. Mullein ROOT tincture = You will find the "leaf" and "flower" tinctures often, but not the ROOT. If you google "Mullein Root", you will find wonderful explanations by Michael Moore and Jim MacDonald on the uses of Mullein Root for back pain and more...I suggest you find your own mullein, or grow some as I will, since the root tincture is pretty hard to find :). It is a wonderful healing plant.

2. Ashwandangha :) = Never heard of it, and one day it just popped up on my screen. Well, this little herb has been used for hundreds of years by Indians and in Africa for many things, one of them being inflammation (how perfect for ME!!!). Also for insomnia, mental alertness, stress..and more. I think it popped up just for me..and it has joined my circle of friends.

I am also researching foods that cause nerve inflammation. The possibilities are endless.

I am also drinking infusions of the nerve building tonic of nettle, horsetail, and oatstraw.

I am going to be one ZEN woman very soon :).

To be continued.....

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