I have been on the road experiencing beautiful Americana. I am sharing the road with all the big RV's, Harley's, and shrouds of tourists from all over the world :).

It is funny to drive through the state you live in as a "tourist". We are driving through giant trees, collecting sea glass, and stopping at every kitschy stop there is.

I am amazed at the vast expanse of nature we still have available for our pleasure. I have also visited Ft. Bragg, and wonder how so much of this beautiful coast can be fenced off with big military relics rotting on it? We perused the dumping grounds the military created on one of most fabulous beaches, and hope we have not contracted some mysterious ailment while searching for treasure. People find old cold coins and dubloons (can you believe it?) there still....

We have met homeless people, seen lots of hitchhikers (they do still hitchhike on the coast!), I saw real live buzzards for the first time in my life, and found MY house right by the beach.

Pictures coming soon.
Much love,

What I am reading: Maps
What I am grateful for: America

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