If you can read this....

evn thO I considA Mself quite comp savvy, I stil cnot read a few of d txt msgs Im sent. It sEmz mnE of my peers av mastered dis skill. f u cn read dis, plz contct me so I cn snd u d pattern 4t Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Id lk mke. Obliviously, there's sum1 ot la dat cn read:

Sl st in ea of first 2 chs of c8. Ch 8, sk3 ch, dc in next ch. Ch 5, dc in secn ch of next ch8. Rep around w dcs in 2nd an 6th chs, of ea ch8, and ch5 betw dcs. End slst to 3rd ch of ch 6 (12 spaces).


Might as well be Japanese.....If this makes sense to you, can I send you the pattern for translation?

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