In my next life, I will be a Drifter.

I have decided to be a Drifter in my next life. My family agrees that this would be the preferred lifestyle, so I don't have to do it alone. My dog does not care, as long as he is with us. We love the road, and discovering new places and people.

There, it is decided.

I have come to this conclusion after our recent road trip, and upon returning and facing the chaos of this house. On the road, we live so simple and happy, what happens when we come "home"? As of tomorrow, I am starting a new Dump the Junk challenge, as I seem to work better under pressure...

Scenes from our new life. Enjoy:

Our Gypsy Wagon :). The Big Blue Van is back in service, and we are loving having her back...

View from my bed in the morning...With the sounds of the crashing waves!

Robinson Crusoe casting? My children in their natural habitat.

And here we are, in MY natural habitat. I can't think of anything better than being by the Sea when the full moon is above us :).

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