DIY woman

The last few days have been a craze! Here is a quick update on miscellaneous happenings:

1. I am still doing no poo....shampoo, that is. Baking soda and vinegar. The interesting thing is that the time between washings is getting longer and longer. Though I do think the combo is drying my hair out a bit, will have to find an in between alternative. My hair is growing, and is at the hair raising length of nothingness...not short, not long, just there.

2. I am successfully medicating my dog :). He seems prone to this weird ear infection in his floppy ear. As a trip to the vet, with a very small tube of antibiotic, costs $75, plus another $35 for the follow up a week later, and so on....Not only that, while trying to find the Guatamala version of this antibiotic online (so I am cheap, hey, I am an artist....) I found out that it has caused dogs to go deaf. Thank the Goddess for my diverse friends and the internet. I have made him ear drops with beautiful purple gentian violet that stains the world when he shakes..but it seems to helping! Also, adding nettles to his food (what is good for mama can only be good for the pooch), and salmon oil. Today I took him for some primping around at Petsmart (we don't buy food there, but it is great for socializing!! LOL), damn, it must hard being so LARGE, FURRY, and CUDDLY! After several attempts of people trying to touch & tousle....he fell asleep, mentally exhausted.

3. Thank you to my friend Julia who gifted me a macrobiotic cookbook. OMg...I am in love. It was written in 1987, and I cannot believe how right on it is about the effects of certain foods. I am switching our diets.

4. Still not eating meat. Only had one craving attack after reading a post about Elk Stew. Had to settle for buffalo, and at 3 plates of hot, steamy, stew. It was fabulous, and I am good.

5. Planted an apricot tree. Now we have fig, plums, kiwi, grapes, boysenberry, rasberry (if the cane ever sprouts), rhubarb (still in the bag, but will be planted), and oranges. Found out our parcel is too small for chickens :(.

6. My baby turned 8 today!! I am .....???

7. My big baby is growing up and writing awesome essays, I am so proud of her.

8. My mom is coming in a few days...YIPEE!! Love it when she is here......Just love it.

9. Feng Shuied my bedroom, turned my bed...only to find that I could not sleep. Turned it all around again, and there you have it.

10. Attmepting to get more sleep. Good night.