Volcano on my head

I am a hair girl.

Over the last few years, I have been brunette, black, streaked, red, mahagony, dirty blonde, and everything in between. My hair has been styled every which way, but mostly short. When it did not work, I pulled out my scissors and CUT. Voila! Luckily, my hair is forgiving and grows fast.

A few weeks ago it was time for a cut, and since I swore to my friend that I would NEVER attempt to "fix" the back of my hair again, I had to wait for an appointment.

I don't wait well for anything.

I made the decision that it was time to grow out my hair. My husband will rejoice, he has the male long hair syndrome.

I have suffered for 4 weeks, as it is too long for me, but way too short to try to put up. My attempt to a ponytail looks like a little duck butt.

I have crocheted a hat just cover my hair. I have considered shaving it all off.

So it is growing. Which means I have to stop torturing it with chemicals. Today, I began washing my hair with plain baking soda, topping it off with apple cider vinegar. Over time, this will rebalance my scalp, which totally over produces due to being washed & conditioned with harsh agents (and I use natural hair products....)

I was like our favorite volcano experiment! If you have never done it, put some baking soda in a glass jar. Top it off with vinegar, and watch it rise......

Hmm.....Now my hair looks and feels like it did when I lived in a hut in Jamaica for 4 weeks with no shower.

(Heike has removed this picture after the wine wore off. WHAT was I thinking??)

We will call it Phase One - Determination - of the Hair Project.