Green, Green, Green............

It just happens that I have an abundance of Borage in my yard, and all this green is fabulous for your health. In honor of the beginning of spring, here is one of my favorite recipes. You can use any green herb this way....Borage grows like a weed once established. It has a wonderful, fresh cucumberlike taste, and the flowers can be eaten off the plant :). You can even candy them, but my kids just eat them like that, or we use them as garnish.

I use the Simpler's Method (a little of this, a little of that) for cooking, so tweak and adjust as necessary :).

You will need:
Big bushel of Borage leaves, garlic, onions, olive oil, yoghurt, veggie or chicken stock.

Chop the onions (1 large) and garlic (2 cloves) and saute' until translucent. Fill up with a little bit of vegetable or chicken stock. Wash and chop the borage leaves. Add to hot stock and simmer just a few minutes until the leaves are soft.

Pour the mixture into the blender and WHIRL until the matter is a thick puree :). Put back in pot and add some stock. Remove from heat, add yoghurt and mix in until smooth, adding salt & pepper (and nutmeg, if you like it) to taste.

Serve, adding a dollup of sour cream makes it even YUMMIER!