Stay away from my babies, and why I hoard coffee cans & pickle jars.

Spring has sprung here in my neck of the woods......and when spring springs, we PLANT!

It is like the sun awakens urges deep inside of me, making me want to dig, plant, nurture......

So I have planted tomatoes. Six varieties. As soon as I dug up the ground, tilled in the compost and alfalfa, nurtured those babies until the frost past...planted. After three day we had a freak cold spell.

Now you know why I save every coffee can and pickle jar (that is what I told my dh anyways, who likes to go through my stash and grumble!).

We have hung up a Topsy Turvey for strawberries.

I went to the Seed Bank in Petaluma and bought "Gypsy Tomatoes" and "Huckleberry" seeds. Sigh....this is the first year I actually grew cucs and the above, as well as Cistus Incanus (rockrose) from seed in little seed pods.

I set out my cucs a few days ago. Yesterday I went out to talk to them, and they have been chomped on my by "???". Oh, you nasty little critters, stay away from my babies!!

Today, I will spray my babies with:

Garlic & Heat

Crush 6-7 large garlic toes. Put in sprayer with about 1.5 cups of warm water. Add 4 crushed chilli peppers (or a few tablespoons of tabasco). Shake. Let sit for 12 hours. Spray baby seedlings to keep away munching slugs and caterpillars!

P.S. Works on herbs too, but you will have to wash them well as they will absorb the taste of garlic.......

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