Uniting my World :)

Thank you for joining me on The Goddess in the Groove! In the past, I have given away a copy of my book each month on my blog. Now that I am "reassigning"(see note below) the purpose of my blog, I will merge my blog friends & my Facebook friends and pull a winner tonight :). I appreciate you.....♥ , have a fabulous day!

**********Dear Bloggy Friends.....I love having you in my life :). As you may have noticed, I have severely neglected my sweet blog. My life is bountiful, yet still a bit chaotic. I am in the midst of re-circling, and finally finding a path to my purpose. I have installed a Facebook page for random thoughts and wonderful things I find on the web. I have started a new blog at HerbMagik, where I chronicle my experiments with everything from making lotion & shampoos, to fermenting, to herb drying, to tea making....you get the picture :).

The Goddess's Daily Groove will be dedicated to a journey, an interactive one. I hope you will join me, as journeys are much better in the company of friends.

I am removing any third party ads, and any "button" you will find will be directly connected to me, or a company that I affiliate with, thus having my personal seal of love :).

I will continue to give away copies of my book when the urge hits, as well as coupons for my Etsy store, or maybe even a sweet Kitchen Witch...but will merge this gifting with my FB friends to spread the love.

Much love,

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