Journey: Letting go, whether I like it or not

If you have been with for a while or follow La Luna, you know that now is a perfect time to let go...release....

You also know that I have a hard time parting with anything put my money :).

The last few days have been strange, it is as if Universe is saying:
"Heike, I have had enough of your procrastination. How the hell are you supposed to receive, when you don't get rid of what does not serve you?".

Hmmm...when it is time to let it go, I feel as if it is serving me just fine. But our house only has so much space, and I still watch the "Tiny House" videos for inspiration.

Just now, I was making jam. While waiting for the jam to seal, I started washing the dishes I made. I turn on the "chomper" in my sink. Two of my favorite bowls fly through the air and


They hit the ground and shatter to pieces. I have had these bowls for a quite a few years...the dragonflies were fading. They had chips and dents, but I did not want to throw them away.

As I was sweeping up the carnage, I realized this was one of several instances when something that should really leave either broke, burned, disintegrated, or had water damage so bad it was useless. I am also in the midst of planning for greater things to come :), moving rooms to accommodate new ventures, and bringing in new duds. I have had some strange opportunities to release both things and beings....

Watch what flies around you with open eyes, may just be some tough love from the Universe!

Anyone else experiencing this?

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