Sometimes, you are given a gift and don’t know it until you have thrown it away.

A few weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to have Bea, a artist/shaman, draw a spirit picture for me. I was completely unprepared, as I did not come to her with a “question”. I thought she could just put me on my path, the one I am supposed to be on right now. Ha! She sat patiently as I formed the question I wanted to ask from the jungle in my brain. So many questions!! She said:”I can’t answer that, that is a yes/no question. If I answer that, you may not like the answer.....”. True. So dug deep again, formulated what is really stirring my spirit right now, and asked.

Bea started her drums, closed her eyes, and began her magic. She started telling me what she saw, and what did not make sense at first, was spelled out more clearly, and I almost dropped from my chair. She began to draw. I recognized the beautiful apparition in the drawing, she was a familiar, my Spirit Guide. I had tears in my eyes. Bea did not know that she has just made the first picture of the guide I have seen in my dreams for years. The picture took shape, and in the bottom corner she drew a squirrel.

A squirrel??

What the heck? I am not a fan of squirrels. They make my dog crazy, who then makes me crazy. When we walk on the leash, a squirrel can bring the hell dog out in him. What is a squirrel doing in my picture?

Bea asked me if I had a connection to squirrels. I told her “no”, and gave her my hell dog story. “You know, squirrels are industrious animals....I think this one is with you for a reason.”.


Oh. The day before, I finally dug up my garden beds, pulled out old plants (this is always hard for me, hate letting go...), and spread chicken manure to prepare for my fall crop. While digging, I found two acorns. “How did those get there, Mama?” “I don’t know, the squirrels must have put them in.”.

I fold Bea about my acorns. She told me to put them on my altar, the one with visuals.

I panicked. Where did I put those darn acorns? I remember putting them on a table, thinking we should root them for trees. When I got home, I searched high and low for those acorns.

I was devastated. They were gone. My spirit gift, my “oak trees”, where gone.

I got over it. Today, I went out the bed to plant some seeds. What did I find?

Another acorn. Another gift.

Another chance......

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