I can't believe it has been since October 27th since I posted last!

My life has taken on a turbulent nature. Since these last days have been days of reflection, I have been able to pinpoint where I went astray :). In my world filled with media, kids, dogs, friends, new projects, chaos...well, it ate me and spit me out 2 months later.

So, on December 4th my 4Runner was stolen, right in front of my house. Talk about instant reflection. We were forced to rethink our schedule completely, and I realized how frantic it was! Driving constantly, hopping in the car for every minute little thing....driving, driving, driving. It is amazing how much I rely on things like my car in my life. I was made to rethink my life, how to make things easier, combine trips, and cancel events that were not priority. I must say, cancelling things came easiest to me. In a way, I had a valid excuse to cancel things I really did not want to do anyways, but somehow slid into. It was good for my kids too, who had to think of how to get to the many places they want to go to. It made them just say "no" also. See a pattern?

So many things happened as a result of this theft, it is too much to write. We have purchased a new car, a Volvo that I found while searching Craigslist for my car parts :). It is fabulous, and safe.I would have never even looked, as I kept sticking money into having my "convenient" 4Runner repaired. My car was recovered on Dec. 26th, with it came new chaos. It is now going up for sale :).

Since I was home so much, I was able to sort & find things I have been missing. I started a new set of fermentations, and I am working on new formulas for teas, etc. I am ready to create again. I am starting a new food & exercise regime to bring my body back to it's optimal balance. I hang out more with my kids, and as of tomorrow, my computer time will be dramatically cut back (intervention!!).

With this last post for 2010, I wish you all a blessed New Year. May all your goals come to fruition, and may your wished be fulfilled in whichever way Universe sees best :).

Much love,

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