Is Brain Space over-rated?

I have a rare few moments to my self right now. A friend picked the kids up for some play time, the dog is not barking, I have finished all my “to-do’s” for the is an “ah” moment.

When I called my husband to tell him our car is ready to be picked up, he suggested I walk and get it (it is only a 15 minute walk...), but I said: “NO.”

No, I am going to sit here, drink my tea, read this article without being interrupted. Then I am going write down my thoughts, plan my backyard/food area, look for something online.....all of this without someone calling my name, needing refereeing, asking me a question, or any other task that obviously only I can handle (like putting a new roll of toilet paper on the roller in the bathroom).

I am going to take an hour all to my self, let me brain remember what it is like to have a thought and ponder it through to the end, and do absolutely NOTHING productive. I am just going to sit here and delve into information, soak it up, and store in the long forgotten area of my brain set aside for knowledge.

The sun is out (California. Feels like spring, I even hung out some clothes), so if my dog and I FEEL like it, we may put on our gear and head out for a walk to pick up our car.

But only if we WANT to.

How are you going to claim your brain space??


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