Attitude of Gratitude - Day 26

I am grateful for my dog. Actually, for all my dogs, as I had to give one away, and had to let one go after living together for 17 years.

There is nothing like the love of a dog. My dogs, I must admit, are always a little stubborn, weird, challenged, different, spirited....and not one comes back on command. I am sure it is me. Yet, each one has saved me from disaster, each one is loyal to the core, and will instantly react to any sign of distress (even if it is a bad dream!), each one has been a monster protector of my children.

Take Rex, my wolf :). He is the most fabulous dog, rescued from a back yard breeder, comes with several issues that are getting milder as he grows older. He loves us in his dog way, he is a constant challenger of the Alpha hierarchy :).

He walks with me no matter what the weather, or the terrain. He never says "No. I don't feel like it now." A little game of "searh & rescue" makes his day. He knows when I need his calm dog energy, he lays next to me, with contact. Even if I move :)....he moves with me.

I am grateful that he chose our family, and that we stuck it out with him.