Attitude of Gratitude ` Day 30

So today is my "official" last day of the the Gratitude Journal.

I am grateful for my hands. They create, work, stroke, write, nourish....without my hands, where would I be?

I am not a glove wearer. I hate gloves. Since I work with paints, gardening, etc, a lot, my hands get a beating. Recently, my hands became so rough that I could not make my Kitchen Witches. "So?" you say? :)

Making Kitchen Witches lifts my spirits. They make me laugh. They are also provide $$'s for me, this is really a labor of love.

My hands were so rough that every time I touched the fabric, they pulled and got snagged. It was so frustrating, I finally gave up and stopped making my witches for about 2 months!

Crazy, eh? It made me realize how important my hands are not only to "nourish" us in a practical way, but also in a spiritual way.

Wearing gloves.............