Day 9 - Grateful for the revelation: My shit stays when I am gone....

Today was a pivotal moment. After testing the law of gravity a week or so ago with my car, I am having quite a few moments. We made it ok, but my car succumbed :(.

Anyways, I was driving up my street, and screeched to halt! ESTATE SALE! (Sadly, I did not even realize the sweet old lady had crossed). We left with a pressure cooker, lots of wooden knitting needles and crochet hooks, lots of linen, a woolen cardigan, a funky polka scarf, and a typewriter for my little man.

This lady was a seamstress, and a had a treasure trove of needles, buttons, threads, etc...all lovingly sorted & stored in boxes and bags. Bags and bags of wool, and many finished sweaters, handmade (unfortunately, with acrylic yarns :(...why?) She had her linens pressed, lots of little trinkets, lots of jewelry, pressed hankies (!!!)

You could tell this lady took care of her things, she loved to create.

Now her kids are selling her things for a few cents.

I had a revelation, and all of a sudden I have no problem "purging" to make space.

No matter how much I love my stuff, no matter how hard it is for me to let go of things that are attached to memories, no matter what I paid for it, no matter who gave it to me, no matter how much it is worth....

It does not matter. If I leave tomorrow, someone will sell it all for a few cents.

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