A little tweak here + a little tweak there = Massive change

I became fascinated with the art of Feng Shui years ago. I love walking into places and seeing immediately where the the good Chi is flowing, or not.

Unfortunately, my own house seems to block me from doing what I need to do. If you have been with me for a while, you know the decluttering and re-arranging is an ongoing odyssey.

Over a year ago, I sent my Bagua to Elyssa of Intuitive Living Feng Shui (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/intuitiveliving). When I told her my main challenges in life, she immediately pin-pointed what was happening on my map. One of them is my son; high spirited and energetic, can't seem to "come down" at the end of the day. With a recent move of rooms we made before he started getting nutty (that is the mild version of some temperamentful nightly adventures), we moved him into the bedroom, which happens to be in the Love & Marriage area of our little house. Bad move. In many aspects. One of the things Elyssa pinpointed is that he was put in a "power position", and of course is too young to handle that.

Our little house does not leave much room for creative room rearranging. It has taken me exactly one year and day from the time I received my Bagua back to get the family to work with me.

It is important to get the family's approval when making big moves like this.

I cannot even explain the craziness that went on this house over the weekend, and recommend you only do this with your partner/spouse if you have a very strong relationship! It's a tester.

We moved all the stuff (and there was alot of stuff! Another issue) out of my son's room into the living room. Then we tiptoed over the stuff, and put our bed in our former, and now again bedroom. This left a large add on room, that will be our play & studio room empty-ish....so we put up shelves and began moving the stuff in there :). Next, we need to remove about 4 million books, and ton of girly stuff, and a very old carpet out of second bedroom. This will be painted, Pergo put in, a wall erected, and we will turn it into two smaller rooms. Then my son will get his bed back and have a cave to sleep in.

I know it sounds crazy. But even the small moves we made already made a difference in sleeping patterns.

If you are not ready for such a big project, do something small. We had to make an emergency trip to IKEA to pick up something for one of our shelves, and I picked up some fabulous ORANGE curtains! I took down the beige ones that were up in our living room, and hung the new ones. I can't even describe the change! Now the sun is flowing through the curtains, giving the room a warm glow. They make me happy :). See the grainy picture above, taken with the webcam. The camera is somewhere in the house.....

Now go tweak a little!