Dinner from a Box ~ Life is Good.

This afternoon I had to make a choice: Skip hanging out with my kids to prepare a dinner that I could cook/bake/etc WHILE hosting a small pack of teenage girls who I am going mentor in clothes reconstruction (yipee!!!), or just make the boxed dinner my mama imported all the way from Germany :).

I really did not want to prepare this made from scrap, home-made, healthy meal. The whole process of stopping what I was doing, feeling inadequate because I did not prepare something before (frozen, crockpot???), the thought of trying to cook instead of tinkering....

In my cupboard sat 2 boxes of Miracoli. A box that takes me back to my childhood...because yes...I grew up with a single, working, mama. I was in charge of the household by the time I was 12...and Miracoli was a part of it :). Since the expiration is sometime in 2017, I think we can assume it is not organic.

I spend lots of time & money make sure our food is organic, local, grass fed, cage free, happy........I grow what I can to make sure it is “clear”. I make lotions and shampoos because commercial ones are filled with chemicals. I even make my own washing powder :).

But there are days when I just don’t care about all that, days when my priorities lie in simplicity. Days when I buy my kids a chemical, BLUE or RED slurpy just because it makes them happy...

Today, I opened a box and made dinner in 9 minutes. It took me 9 minutes to relive some fabulous childhood memories (food does that to me), 9 minutes to serve my kids food that made them say: “Mama, this tastes SO good!” (go figure!), 9 minutes to simplify my life and do what I want.