Inspirations instead of Resolutions ~ Be a Rebel in 2012

The year 2011 is almost finished, and I am sure you are reading/seeing a lot of “end of year” or “new year” articles right around now :). All the good, and the bad, of 2011 summarized in small spaces or snapshots. People are asking what your resolutions are......

One of my INSPIRATIONS for 2012 is to become more focused on what I WANT. Notice that I do not say “resolutions”. I don’t believe in resolutions. It is a harsh word, and quite frankly, how many resolutions really work for you? What happens if you don’t achieve your given “resolution”? Does everything go to hell and you just give up?

Mix it up a bit this year and write “MY GOALS” over your list of things to achieve in 2012, or “MY INSPIRATIONS”. Hang that over your mirror, or on your fridge, and see how much more snuggly that makes you feel. Then set a realistic pace, so you don’t crash & burn, but instead achieve what you want.

Another thing I would like to mention in regards to setting a realistic pace, and this comes from deep down personal experience: Be true to yourself. I know my faults :)..and try to live with them, rather than against them. Every once in a while I will try to go against my authentic self, but it never works out. So, find your strengths, and focus on them rather than on your weaknesses.

On my list for 2012:

1. Though I have tried to get rid of things I do not LOVE in my life before the New Years Eve, it is a never ending journey. I am going to evaluate purchases & items thoroughly, making sure I love them enough to: Use them. Clean them. Smile at them. That goes for everything, down to socks & underwear!

2. I will only attempt projects that energize my soul, rather than de-energizing me. I will admit defeat, and let it roll of my back, thus rolling out of my life.

3. I will surround myself with people I love, and lovingly send those that suck energy on their path away from me.

4. I will enjoy my family more consciously.

5. I will try new alternative methods to control the pain in my body, while building my strength. I will chronicle this, hopefully it will help others. My goal is to join a ToughMudder marathon, preferably in September of 2012.

6. I will take a Thai cooking class.

7. I will plant more medicinal herbs in my backyard, and let them grow wild & free.

8. I will convert my front yard into a edible garden :).

9. I will learn to meditate (as my fabulous friend says:” Peace is Possible”).

10. I will laugh more.

11. I will make a trek to Sedona.

There you have it. It is in writing.

What are your inspirations for 2012?

Much love,

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