Need a little JOY? Borage will make you happy.....

It's the time of year when Borage takes over my back yard.

Strangely, a few years ago a little Borage plant with WHITE flowers came into my yard mysteriously, and now it is an annual welcomer of spring. The bees LOVE it, and we enjoy the fragrant flowers right off the plant. They taste like cucumbers :). It is a hardy, and very self seeding plant. At one point, I actually have to start pulling it out because it takes over. Right now, we are just enjoying it.

From A Modern Herbal:

Those of our time do use the flowers in sallads to exhilerate and make the mind glad. There be also many things made of these used everywhere for the comfort of the heart, for the driving away of sorrow and increasing the joy of the minde. The leaves and floures of Borage put into wine make men and women glad and merry and drive away all sadnesse, dulnesse and melancholy, as Dios corides and Pliny affirme. Syrup made of the floures of Borage comforteth the heart, purgeth melancholy and quieteth the phrenticke and lunaticke person. The leaves eaten raw ingender good bloud, especially in those that have been lately sicke.'

I just made my version of Borage soup, which is super simple.

Pick young leaves, maybe about 2-3 cups. Careful, Borage as stingy hair, so handle it like Nettles, wear gloves! Wash the leaves and put them in the mixer. put about 1.5 cups for of low fat plain joghurt, some salt, a dash of lemon juice, and optional, some garlic. Add about 1/2 cup of water.


Pour into pretty bowls, sprinkle with a little black pepper, and garnish with some Borage blossoms.


Enjoy your spring :). And, if you are local and want your own white Borage plants, I am more than happy to share babies!

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