I am creating my destiny ~ OR ~ The Little Lemon That Could

I am often in my garden with my plants when epiphany hits, and all of a sudden everything is much clearer. Today was no exception.

I was moving my family's junk off a pot that holds my sad little lemon tree. It is only 2 years old, and did not fare well a few months ago when our weather was swaying like a drunk sailor. It had just started blooming, and just gave up and dropped almost all its' leaves. My husband kept saying: "That lemon tree is dead. Look at it." "No, No" I say. I gave it some organic, stinky fish solution, it got my extra special attention which means: water. I would go out every other day and inspect the bare, dry little branches.

As I was moving the nets away, I looked up, and THERE was a little lemon! Yippee!! I see  some new leaves. I walk around and there were some more little lemons! The little tree, bare as it is, has squeezed out some lemons.

What does this have to do with me?

I am like the little lemon tree right now. Bare, exhausted, and down to my last leaf. For months, I have been searching my soul for ways to make an income, knowing that I either need have the million dollar idea/breakthrough, or having to find employment. Bills looming, financial stress is shit for the spirit, and it stresses a marriage. After visiting a doctor for stomach problems that I believed came from my diet, and learning that it could be stress, I began evaluating my life and finding that some things needed to change....immediately.

A few days ago, I received an email with the title "Announcing the free Biz & Blog Star Workshop ebook" from Leonie Dawson. Right away I hear in my head "Do I really want to blog? I already have a biz..bla, bla, bla..." Instead of deleting it, I clicked on the link. I devoured the 64 pages, and felt inspired to get my ass of the chair and do SOMETHING. For weeks I have copying & pasting, looking for backgrounds, learning code...getting frustrated about not getting anywhere with my "revamped" website. In the workbook was a chapter dedicated to having a website, and doing it NOW. Yes, I know I have a website, but there is a new, more me, website in the universe waiting to emerge. There is a whole section on visualizing, and stating what I want from my business, and to create that goal. (see P.S. below)

I have decided to take the things that STRESS me and make me miserable and just eliminate them. Things do always have to be Heike perfect, they can be simplified and initiated immediately. I have also decided to put ME first right now so that I can accomplish some of the things that I have been meaning to do for years. I knew this transformation was  blooming, and just needed a swift kick to get rolling,  when I announced to my family that: “We are going to Sedona for my birthday. I don't care how, or if we can only go long enough for me to roll in the red dirt, but we are going!". I have been called to Sedona FOR YEARS, yet, I have always put other things before me going. In only 7 days, I will be on the way to my Spirit Trip :).

Clearly,  a change is on the horizon, and no matter how “done” you are, and how miserable things seem, attitude can move mountains. I have been listening to “Ask and it is Given” by Abraham Hicks a lot, and realize that I have not been ASKING...or.... I have been ASKING, but turned away before I got an ANSWER :).

With my little lemon tree as an inspiration, I decided TODAY is the day to say good bye to excuses, kick the barriers in the ass, and start growing some balls, ER, lemons = dollars. It is not just about money, but also about accomplishment & sharing my talents, all the while LOVING what I do and being happy.  I took a box I made some years ago (see picture), dusted it off, and deemed it my Creation Box (thanks to some guidance from Abraham, I will put it to excellent use) with an official tag, and started filling it up with the things I NEED/WANT. Gotta’ take advantage of the powerful push of the New Moon with is in my sign, Gemini :).

This week, I will plow through the craziness I call my life, collected & calm, while at the same time plotting my emergence as a business maven. I will do it with style, and without giving up my slightly chaotic nature. I will look forward to meeting “a new friend that will change your life forever...” (horoscope) and will “keep my sanity by taking a good book or ipod on that trip that will bring you and your family together for many hours at a time.” (Teen Vogue horoscope...thanks to my 14yr old) when I embark on my Spirit Trip in the wee hours of the night next Sunday.

Dig deep for your lemon tree, Beautifuls!
H. :)

P.S. I will make a commercial depicting this experience soon :)..and ask Sandra Bullock to play me. Yes, I am an Ambassador for the GoddessGuideBook.com, which is where the link upstairs goes to. That is because I LOVE it, Leonie is a business Goddess and I want to copy her, and everything I have experienced so far has been marvelous...but check it out, this workshop is FREE...so you only have something to gain, like I did.