Did Lammas sneak up on you?

Harvest Goddess
Today is Lammas, the beautiful celebration of the first Harvest. Our crops are abundant, and now the farmers & jam makers will begin the first harvest to stock up for the fall & winter.

If you are in a year of “achievement”, and new endeavors, it also the Full Moon of “What have I achieved to create happiness, success, & abundance?”

Did Lammas sneak up on you?

I spoke with a friend who is in the process of revamping her business, and following a new path, similar to myself. As were going over some new strategies, I frantically realized that Lammas was here. This is the time where I should have “shed” the old and unused (this includes: papers, marketing strategies, business clutter, old files, old pics, people, ideas....etc), and have prepared to “harvest” from my new endeavors, plumping them up for the winter, and that includes ME.

What can I say. I still have not managed to become organized (Is there an app for that?), and perfect. I still celebrate my Full Moons on a spur, honoring La Luna in my garden, with a candle, a glass of wine, and lots of questions & answers. My witches & Goddess are out there with me, being blessed. I live frivolously through my friends, many of them celebrating in fire circles.

Here is a prayer to the God Lugh, master of the artisians & craftspeople (found this on the internet, source unknown):

Prayer to Lugh
Great Lugh! 

Master of artisans,

leader of craftsmen,

patron of smiths,

I call upon you and honor you this day.

You of the many skills and talents,

I ask you to shine upon me and
bless me with your gifts.

Give me strength in skill,

make my hands and mind deft,

shine light upon my talents.

O mighty Lugh,
I thank you for your blessings.

I will be singing this to La Luna this evening.  The Universe will excuse me for not being prepared as I had hoped to be, LOL.
Here is my blessing for YOU:
Enjoy this moon of abundance, harvest, accomplishment, no matter where you are in your journey. Write down these few things on a beautiful piece of paper. Keep it primal, no long sentences.
Why you love yourself (and what you are grateful for).
What you want to accomplish by the end of this year (keep it simple).
Save this piece of paper. Find a Lammas prayer that fits your needs. Mine is for artisans, as that fits my needs perfectly. You can change the words and insert your own. It all about what you send out into the universe, not who made it up :). Your strong will, the fact that you wrote it down, and your chanting with a happy heart, will make it happen.
Blessings & Happy Lammas!
Much love,