My mirror, Frida.

When I was 21, I had no idea who Frida Kahlo was.  I wish I had, she could have helped me pass the 8 months I was tied to a bed.

 Two days after my 21st birthday, I broke my back. It would be 7 years after this shift, the day that changed my life, and me, forever, that I met Frida, my parallel sister.
Broken Column

The moment I saw her "Broken Column",  I was bonded. I did not even know her story yet. Obviously,  her painting resonated with me instantly. Not only this one, but many of the others too. Some find her art disturbing, I find it to be true. When I read her story, and saw the picture of her with her body cast, I cried.

Cast twins...
I met a women who was leading my parallel life. We had similar injuries, we had the exact same cast (yes, a zillion years later, you still get the same cast), and life after the accident is different. There is revelation, change, pain, sacrifice, and adaptation.

Not only was Frida an artist that spoke to me, she was a strong, stubborn woman who stood her ground. Seeing what she accomplished made me stronger, knowing that even with the aftermath of such a detrimental trauma, there are possibilities.

I have a "girl crush". Now Frida is with me daily.  In her honor I paint. I make Fridas in many sizes & shapes, including Frida Goddess pendants. When I wear my Frida, she demands attention. She is bright, bold, and strong. Now I need an ally, so here comes "Frida-The Kitchen Witch" to my side, a tribute in many ways (see what she has to say :).)

Frida, the Kitchen Witch

Look around at my Fridalicious world!
Hasta entonces, mucho amor,