It's time to say goodbye.....

It has been a while since I have been here.

I had to take a little sabbatical from the blog. I was just not feelin' it, and short life blurbs seemed much more appropriate for my frame of mind. Scatterbrained is definitely a good term....and much more fitting for short Facebook posts, or Twitter. I must admit, I was getting a little addicted to the immediate responses I would see on FB too. I'll post, and my phone and computer will start blipping away!

All that comes with a price:I am like a Magpie and get easily distracted by glittery things. :)

The last months have had their ups and downs. I fryed my beautiful MAC with water. It is dead. I have been working on my kids' PC since then, and it is hell. Yes, hell. It happened 2 days after I finally purchased the fabulous DSLR camera I have been after for 2 years. Perfect timing. So, I have the great camera, but no longer the MAC to make the magic  meld. Hopefully, there will be a new Mr. Mac in my life soon, until then, I do what I can.

In order to buy a new computer (and honestly, that was my sole drive to do this), I took on a JOB. eeek. My resume is like a fossil. My last "real" job was in 2008. My resume is very creative. I sent it in, and actually go the job that I thought was perfect. Night shift, at home via my phone & computer. After week one, realized the well concocted plan I had to make it through my "day" life while I was up all night with my "night" life was not going to work, even after weeks & weeks of practice.  I worked one more week, then terminated. Back to square one. One plus of that is that my tribe all of a sudden had 3 of us unemployed, and two self employed....and we got to have a spontaneous Thai brunch to celebrate our independence :).

I realized, though, that I need to step up. My sweet husband works two jobs so I can have the life of a  ____________________ (had all kinds of naughty fill-ins, but I will leave that up to you!). Plus, I still need that Mr. Mac, the old care my son & want to buy & fix, my daughters' teen needs, the roadtrip hubby and I want to go on. Damn, then there are the food bills (which is another project I am working on for 2013...more to come!), gas, electricity, animals, braces, etc.......

Notice how clean my desk is?
Where to start? I you are like me, you may have already tried & trashed several "plans' for business success & life organization. Over the years, I have tried several. I am waaaaay too "creative" (that is what I like to call myself instead of: unfocused, fidgity, chaotic, uncommitted, bored) to really stay committed to most of these programs. Just to read through the initial instructions if often AGONY for me.

If you follow here, you know last year I joined Leonie's circle and began taking advantage of some of the ecourses & programs. Now THAT works for me. They are fun, to the point, beautifully illustrated (weeeeee! Colors, sparkles, glitter...), and you have peer support, not pressure, as you go. I was too late for the 2012 makeover, but this year, I am ahead!

Check out the Incredible Life 2013 & Incredible Biz 2013!!  OMG...they are freakin' amazing! I printed out my calendars, and the Completion Ceremony for 2012. I am ready to "complete" this year and move on with my groove like nothing else. This year, Leonie is offering them BOTH for sale for under $20,  but really, I recommend joining  Circle.  It is an investment, I agree, but it is an investment into YOURSELF. The offerings & advantages are just priceless.

I have BIG plans for 2013, I would LOVE if you want to join me as I go! What's YOUR dream for 2013?

Thanks for hanging in there with me!
Much love,