Monday Morning Musings * STUFF

Mercury is in Retrograde once again, and I really do not have anything else that could break on me, so I am taking it with ease. The interesting thing about everything breaking down on you, ei: last working computer, refridgerater, timing belt on car, flashlights (3….really. It was not the batteries), etc, is that by the time the 5th thing breaks, you just chuckle.

For me, this has been an interesting, and humbling, experience on not only “stuff” I have that I rely on to be happy. It has also given me the time, and clarity, to reflect  on my life. You see, I was not distracted by computers, having to go places, etc. I had time to think.

This time of reflection has shown me that there is a lot in my life that distracts me (I am a like a magpie, if it glitters, I am there) from what I really need to be doing. I have let go of some things easily, and some with grieving, but I have let them go. The “free space” is invigorating, and challenging at the same time.

It has taught me to ask this question before I do anything, buy anything (to replace the old…remember, unless you have cash, you will be reminded of your purchase every time you have to pay a bill), commit to anything, or while I am deciding to keep/continue something. I am sharing it with you.

“Does this make me happy?”

There, simple enough.
Happy Monday