The care & feeding of a Teenager Spirit

 My sweet teenager :).

 How often does the media implore us with horror visions of being a parent of a teenager? Their moods, stupid antics, laziness, boredom, …..just general blah?? They suggest that we, as parents, just accept this fact as normal, and wait until they are adults. 

Thankfully, I have been blessed with an inquisitive, verbal, fabulous, moody, open-minded (yet opinionated),self reliant (most of the time),  intelligent teenage girl. Oh, she is not perfect, and the hormones and teenager cooties come through regularly, but I feel that is a part of growing up, and needs to be dealt with just as any other growing pain.

I have found that when I recognized to greet & nurture my teenager’s spirit, it has made a huge difference.

There are times when my “baby” returns from events, trips, or just spending a few hours in certain situations like this: Mean, irritated, snarky, fatigued, sick with headaches, throat aches, stomach pains. She is tired, and also emotionally depleted. Her little spirit is withered.
I could let her isolate herself with her iPod & headphones, yell at her for being snarky, tell her to sleep more and text less, etc.

Instead, I have found the correlation. “HOME”, our house that is, is a rejuvenating sanctuary for her spirit. As chaotic as it is, it is safe. I have learned that the magic of food helps banish that “mean teen”. I don’t mean fries, burgers, & ice cream or other sweets. No, I see my teen craving nourishing food such as onion soup with turmeric, nettle tea, fermented food such as sauerkraut & beet kvaas does the trick. Within a short time, she regains her powers and is herself again.

Society will look at small children that throw a tantrum, and often say “They had too much sugar.” Or “No more food coloring for you!”

What if parents treated their teen throwing a “teen tantrum” the same way they would treat a small child? I know the foods listed above are not your average popular teen fare ( or that of kids, for that matter), and many of them will wrinkle their nose at it. My tip? Tell them to try it, and if it does not make them feel better, you will leave them alone with it NEXT TIME :).

Good luck!

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