The Master of Attraction

The law of attraction is simple.

Just ask for what you want.


According to my 11 yr old son, it is so.

He is the Master of Attraction. We are beginning to see his talent, and are giving him "assignments". We know what we want, and we have a catalyst :).

So how does he do it, and why can't I just manifest my own stuff?

He is primal. He knows what he needs, and does not consider how he is getting it. Just two days ago, he comes and says "Mama, I have been looking on Ebay, because I need a set of Lego people, just people." Me: "Well, you need to figure out how you can do that, those sets are a bit expensive, and you have to bid." Son: "I will figure it out."

After that, he just kept looking on Ebay on Craigslist. There was not question in his mind that he was getting those Lego people, even if I threw in the "too expensive" wrench.

Today, we went for a peruse in the thrift store. We go our separate ways to snoop. He came running towards me with a cart, in which there were TWO large plastic bags of Legos. "Look Mama, they are only $6 each!" We began looking at the pieces through the plastic, recognizing lots of pieces from limited edition sets.

He negotiated how he was going to pay me for one of the bags, and they came home with us.

Upon dumping the bags to clean them, he discovered LOTS of people. At least 40. And a whole lot of cool pieces. He has been immersed in his Legos for 5 hours straight, with some quick snack breaks.

This is not he first time he has attracted what he wants. His secret is that he does not think past "I want xxx." There are no thoughts about how he his going to get it, what it costs, should he have it, etc

That is what many of us loose as adults. We over think. You have to get primal. Stop thinking about all the things that need to happen BEFORE you can get what you want. That tells the Universe that you are not ready.

I want a ranch. Now.


I should be milking a cow by next month :).

Tell me what YOU want!

With love,