Kick FEAR in the ass

Fear is a powerful feeling. It does not EMpower us, it OVERpowers us. Fear is also an excuse to not move on, to miss an opportunity, to stand back and behind, and to not explore.

Fear is so much easier keep, than to conquer. Yet, when we are pushed past a fear, we realize how “little” it really is, and how much power we gave it.

I have been questioning my fears often lately, or rather, I have been confronted with several of them in a short span of time. Today, I finally went back to the dentist. I have been taking my kids on a regular basis, but have skirted out as long as possible. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a cleaning, as my teeth were screaming for some LOVE. My dentist, who I can hardly understand due to a thick accent, is fabulous. The only reason I went is because I saw how gentle & kind he is with my kids. So, today, I conquered 4 fillings and a deep cleaning, on one quadrant. It was the worst, he said, the rest is easy peasy. I told him he is lucky I did not know what he was going to do, since I would have found yet another excuse not to go :). Honestly, I survived, and am sitting here with no discomfort at all.

I watch my kids, who are virtually fearless.

What happens as we grow up to make us so skittish?

Fear equals stress.

My theory is that we rationalize too much. We begin to overthink everything, and instead of looking forward to the best outcome, we envision all the things that “could” happen.

I think back to the all the adventures I missed because I rationalized: It is too expensive, it is too far, what if I fail, what if, what if, what if??

After today, I have vowed to kick fear in the ass.

I vow to grab opportunity by the horns and GO! I vow to jump in the water and paddle until I find the right position to float, I vow walk up and introduce myself to people I see on the street that draw me in, I vow to overcome my phobias ( I don’t have many, but snakes is one!) by honoring them however possible.

To be continued................