Make a Wish ~ The perfect beginning

My Solstice night came and went without much fanfare. Low key. We had a make-shift Yule log in the fire, played cards, talk about what we wanted to release, and about the new opportunities waiting for us. We made Wishbread. Many of my friends stay up all night, we lit a candle and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to a giant Wishbread! In the oven it goes, and when my family wakes up, we will have warm, sugary, blessings on our table, paired with spiced coffee and grass fed butter.  The first day of the new year is starting perfectly.

I am taking these last moment of "quiet" time to write down the flood of thoughts I had when waking.

I am blessed, though not perfect in any way. I have flaws, make mistakes, am a bit temperamental. I love, laugh, cry, and learn every day.

Our world is full of opportunities and wonderful people.

My family is pure joy to me, even though there are moments I forget that.

Shit happens, and you deal  with it. Using it as an opportunity to learn & deal has kept me sane and made me stronger.

The people who touch my life every day, on the street and via my computer, are like treasure boxes I find while wandering.

Off to have coffee & bread!
Wishing you a wonderful NEW year.
Much love,

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