And THIS is how you raise a Barbie Girl.

My daughter is causing a stir :) I am so proud.

A few weeks ago, she wrote an article on the Huffpost Teen in response to the "Should there be a plus sized Barbie?" question, and the debate if girls should play with Barbie at all. If you have not read it, here you go:

Can you see it already?
Here is the thing. I raised this girl to be a GODDESS. She named herself Athena at a young age. And, I played Barbies with her. Alot. You see, I played with Barbies when I was a little girl, and there was no way in hell I was going to deprive her, or myself, from dreaming up imaginative, glittery, pink worlds. I got the evil eyes, the whole "but Barbie gives girls unrealistic body ideals" spiel, and more. I did not care, because quite frankly, "I" did not look to Barbie for health/body/training advice, ever. If society is looking for a culprit that is teaching our young girls unrealistic ideals or low self-esteem, it needs to look elsewhere. Honestly, the people who argued this point with me when my daughter was little looked like they could use some glittery pink in their lives.

Right now, I am tracking them down personally and sending them these articles my daughter wrote :).

You see, I have a 16 year old daughter that has enough self esteem for two countries. She is smart, outspoken, confident, glittery, down to earth, adventurous, ambitious, healthy, aware......who does that remind you of?? Me! And BARBIE?

Barbie is now in Sports Illustrated. Of course! She is gorgeous in a swim suit. She is about as "real" as the other models they feature. The debate is on. Should Barbie be featured in Sports Illustrated? LOL!! Yes, why not? My daughter will tell you why she thinks so:

Barbie is a doll. She is a super woman, and why wouldn't we want our girls to play with someone so fabulous? BTW, Miss Piggy is quite fabulous & "outspoked" too, and no on is worried about her ruining our girls. We women are responsible for raising strong, independent, and aware girls. It is not up to a doll, a celebrity, or anyone else to be the one they look up to.


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