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Frida III - 30 day challenge
A few weeks ago, I visited the gallery showing of my friend, Stephanie Lorelei Longoria. Her paintings are absolutely stunning, you should go look! We talked about the different paintings, and she told me that one of her class assignments was to produce a ridiculous (I believe it was 100??) pieces in a 30 day period. Whoa!! As an artist, I can only imagine the pressure of that! But the more we talked about it, the more I understand why this assignment was genius! It makes you GO, get out of your box, and you never know what will come out.

So, I am taking this challenge.

Goddesses can't be made in a day :) (Rome was not built in a day either!), due the fact that each one is made from scratch and starts with a blob of polymer. Also, the layers of paint, well, they take forever.  But, over the next 30 28 days, I will post at least one Goddess a day. These Goddesses will all go on my Etsy store. I will try to get them listed the same day. "Goddess" could be a pendant, a Vitch, a drawing.....I am leaving that up to Universe. May is crazy, so around Fair time you may see 2-3 at once, and they may be listed next to a cow or goat. You can pull up the challenge Goddesses by putting "30 Day Challenge" in the search box will in the store.

I want you to share with me! Every Friday, you can share which Goddess of the week was your favorite on Facebook. Contest details will be posted every Friday. On my birthday, May 27th, I will go through the Fridays and choose one comment by "Eenie-Meenie". That lucky person can celebrate with me and pick a Goddess of their own on my Etsy store :). So, it is really only 28 days, but that is ok. Happy Birthday to us :).

Have a fabulous week!
Much love,

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