Week #2 of a 30 Day Challenge. What was I thinking?

So, I am in the second week of a 30 Day Goddess Challenge. If you want to read the inspiration behind it, and how I am celebrating the Finale, you can do so here.

A Goddess is born
What I have discovered so far:
1. Artist block translates to artist confusion when you put yourself under a time limit.
2. Rome was not built in a day, and making a Goddess in one day is virtually impossible.
3. I love making Goddesses.
4. I have no control over what comes out in the end :).
5. Thankfully, I have children with good eyes & steady hands that like to sit and chat while they bead for me :).

It is an interesting process. Today, I am officially behind, as I had a last minute redo as paint was
First stage
drying. I also don't have the "right" beads in my stash of a trillion beads. The Goddesses do not comply to my time constraint, or my existing inventory. I literally had to go buy paint & beads the other day at 8:55pm so that I could continue. Plus, we are waiting for Full Moon.


I am finding myself veering away from my "usual". I am exploring new avenues, and am though I am uncertain at times, the end product is fabulous. Trust. Also, I am finding that each finished Goddess has a mission. I almost put the mission in the description, but then I will steer her into a "box", and maybe a away from the destined woman who needs her for a different purpose.

Who knew?

You can find the 30 Day Challenge Goddesses on my Etsy store, just enter "30daychallenge" in the search box when you are there.

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