Women & Food

This afternoon, I spent 7 hours with a handful of women, making tamales.

None of us are of Latin heritage :).

None of us have ever made tamales.

We had a good fairy come to our rescue and show us how to roll the masa and fold that corn husk.

So we squished, rolled, patted, and folded our tamales, filling them with pork, chicken, pumpkin, cheese, and jalapenos. Separately, and all in that order. In the end, we had some excellent mystery tamales!

Aside from the great tamales that are now gracing my butt, and the fact that my children are sleeping rock hard from play exhaustion, I had the opportunity to meet 3 wonderful women, and reunite with 2 of my friends. We talked about everything from dogs, to kids, to business, to food, to us, to husbands, and back to us again while filling those tamales.

There is nothing better for the soul than good food, good women, and beer.

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