Things I don't forget....

It is amazing what my brain stores, and what I can forget on a drop of a hat.

What I will never forget:
1. The words to "Brick House" from the Commodores. I sang this in fourth grade on stage with my friend Holly. We were two very white girls in satin blouses :). The foam from my microphone fell off and I kept on singing and dancing. We grooved. We did not win, but then the judges had no clue :)...of course.

2. My Oma's phone number. She has had the same number since I was born. She moved recently, and had to change her number. Now I am screwed unless I have computer, my phone, or my Palm with me.

3. Every word to various other songs from the 80's. My favorite singers that I can imitate EXACTLY as my children stare at me in the car: Cyndi Lauper, Kajagoogo, PRINCE, Go Gos, Blondie, WHAM!, Madonna, Eurythmics, Fine Young Cannibals, Tina Turner (love her!! The last live concert I saw: TT's What's Love Got to do With It?....goddess, I am old!)

4. When someone screws me over. I may smile at you, but I still remember...

5. The day I had my accident.

6. The birth of my children. I forgot all the details, but the first time they looked in my eyes is burned into my brain.

7. The day in Amsterdam when I looked into the warm eyes of my then boyfriend and knew he was my soulmate.

What I cannot remember:

1. How old I am.

2. What time my children were born.

3. My SSN

4. Any type of appointment, date, or deadline that I do not write in my calendar.

5. Birthdays

6. Where I put my sunglasses....

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