And the winner is.........

I ran a little contest during the 5 Minutes for Mom Blog Party for a copy of my book :). Welcome to all the new subscribers, and greetings to all the existing ones! I hope I can bring a belly laugh to your day!


The winner of "Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within" is:



This girl likes to spread some love, so if you did not win today but WANT a copy, I am extending a 10% discount to all my subscribers :). Just send me an email at info38 (at), and I will send you a discounted invoice...and the book will be in your hot little hands in a matter of days!

To end this wonderful day, here is a funny moment out of my life:
My 90lbs dog just low-crawled on the couch next to me (which he is NEVER allowed to be on!), and hid his head under the pillow so that I don't see him. He keeps peeking out from underneath to see if I have discovered him...I will give me one more minute before I have to do the butt bump, since he made me laugh....

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