Twice in 5 minutes!

Today I HAD to go grocery shopping. I don't enjoy that at all. I always buy too much, and since we only eat non-chemical, mostly organic food, our grocery bill is downright depressing. Makes me always go home and have a beer!

After a grueling 45 minutes of: "No, we don't eat that." "No, that is too much." "No, last time I threw it away, we still have some, we don't need it, etc.." I am checking out. While I keep telling the check out girl to use my reusable bags to the max (which I never seem to bring enough of!) before she switches to paper, my daughter takes over some packing.

A man behind me says:"You have such well mannered children."

I ignore him because I know he can't mean me.

Again, he says: "You have such well mannered children."

Oh, he does mean me. I turn around and start laughing. "Why, thank you!"

I walk out and my kids are smirking at me. We start packing up the truck, my son jumps in back to situate the bags. A woman says:"Wow, what great helpers you have!"

My daughter looks at me and starts laughing. "Twice in 5 minutes!!"

Who took my kids??? I will enjoy it while it lasts, before they bring my little devils back :).

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