You are now HEALED! Not.

I had to break down and go to the doctor last week and get my leg checked. After spending 9 months and then some in the hospital after my accident 16 years ago, I have an aversion against doctors. Don't get me wrong, I love them, respect them, as they saved my life. But, I would rather drink vinegar, walk down the street naked, eat worms, than go to the doctor.

If you know my story (it is in my book, chapter "Blessed With Two Miracles"), you know that the accident I had literally broke my back. It also severed a bunch of nerves, leaving parts of my right leg numb. Over the years my lazy butt took over, and the leg got weaker and weaker. So now we have it.

As my son says as we are walking to the doctor's office: "I know why your leg hurts, mama. You are old."


The visit was quite useless, as the doctor basically told me the same thing. Age, and the lack of rigorous leg exercise, have take their toll. Now that I know that my cold, blue feet are not going to fall off, I can get to work.

Old my ass.

It is time to call my roots. I am getting ready to do an herbal cleanse to rid my body of toxins. I have also started to take COLD showers to get that circulation going. BRRR! It takes some cojones to take cold showers, and there is an art to it. Being German, I remember the Kneipp water pools with warm and cold water, now I wish I had some here!

If you are short on time, but want to exercise, Heike to the rescue! Try the 5 Tibetan Rites. Not only does it work every main muscle, once you have it down pat, it is supposed to make you YOUNGER!!


Seriously, I am a mess. The other day I woke up and my body hurt. I think it is giving me a sign. Of course, I am not as diligent as I could be. The perfect scenario would be to change my diet for 3 weeks to really balance my insides.

I can handle no meat, no sugar, no yeast, and no preservatives or "color". But no coffee, wine, CHEESE (my only soulfood, melted cheese!!)?

Oh hell no!

So we (my body and I) will start slowly and keep y'all posted!

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