Bonjour, Stupid!

How is it that I am raising two children the same way, yet they are so completely different? Is the girl/boy thing??

My Little Lenny, who is 6, has a talent for hearing, and remembering EVERYTHING. But he does not let you know (candidate for a government job??) this, and it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. I, of course, know this because we are together 24/7, but the rest of the family has not mastered this game yet. So when they blurt out something stupid, or something that should really stay in the family, in front of Little Lenny, I am rolling my eyes.

"Hey, little ears LISTENING!!"

Not only listening, but retaining, mulling around, and storing, to be spit out again at the most inopertune moment in life. And they almost always seem to include me. I am, of course, the mother raising this heathen child with the charm of an Italian Gigolo and the mouth of sailor. I admit, I am the one who taught him "dumbass", but the rest is out of my hands.

Visualize this scene: Sweet Little Lenny gets asked for the millionth time, "So, do you speak German too??"

A sweet smile spreads over his face. "Sure".
"Really, can you say something??"

"Bonjour, Stupid!"

Thank you, Judy Blume and SuperFudge, for the French lesson on the audiobook last night. And a snort in my coffee.

(P.S. Yes, I do KNOW that "Bonjour" is not German, so does Little Lenny, but he thinks no one else does :)....)

I received this awesome award from my friend DJKirby. I want to be her, she is such a talented writer, check out her novels.

I am passing it on to my friends WarriorWitch, Creatress Designs, and Hotfessional, because they make me cry...laughing.

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