I am going to save SO MUCH money!

When we, as a family, decided to ride The Compact wave (see a Compact Blog here) and buy nothing new for one year, we did it to boycott consumerism. The side effect is that we began saving lots of money :) and I was curing my shopoholicism. A few exceptions of course, like: shoes, underwear, materials for my pendants, etc.

It was quite easy for us from the start, as I am the thrift store queen. Now I have a legitimate reason to go treasure hunting! I joined a local Freecycle group, and the give and take was ON!

Now we have decided to buy nothing Made in China. Well, I decided, and my family is so cool, they are doing it with me. I just believe if each of us decides to keep the "money in the family", we can make a difference. Time to close the circle. If there are no jobs here, people are not making money, so they can't buy anything. Change that to: grow and manufacture here again (minus all the poisons), give people jobs, they make money, and now they can buy these great Made in USA products & services. Just my little opinion.....


Now there is a challenge. Really, I always knew most of the things we have are made in China, but now that I am consciously checking EVERYTHING...wow.

Tonight I went to my favorite, "get everything in one place" store that starts with a T...and I might as well have boarded a plane to Bejing to buy washing powder. Other than washing powder, I was going to buy a bra.

Sister, I need your help. Yes, women, if you can find me a decent bra Made in USA, I will be in your debt. Preferably one that does not cost $75, and that I can try on, because I have not been able to wear "any" bra since I turned 21....underwear would be great too. I swear I checked every damn bra at the big T, and not one was made here.

Just think what we could do for the economy if we all only bought bras and underwear made in the U.S???

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