I want to be thankful, but....

My new mantra is to be thankful for what I have.

When I am ready to strangle a child, or dog, or when I have told a customer service rep to kiss my ass, or when I am trying get my book publisher to send me some books where the damn text is not CROOKED, when I get a letter stating the garbage company is raising their rates again ( I am going to just quit them and burn my garbage on my front lawn), I will sit back and take 10 deep breaths and re-center.

That was the plan, I have given it two days, and am officially going back to my old ways.

I swear my neighbors think I am a screaming, demonic bitch.

So the breathing therapy was a dud, but I did sit outside today with my glass of wine and watch Little Lenny mowing the lawn with our brand new push mower from Freecycle (which I say I wanted for our environment, but I am finding is the perfect way to expell energy from a 6yr old boy!), and think to myself how thankful I am to have my kids, and that we still have our puny little house. Two houses across from me are for short sale, they can't pay their mortgage. What shit. The stingy German in me is the only thing that kept us from borrowing $$'s against our house a few years ago and buying stuff. So my old kitchen and kaka bathroom are mine for more many years to come....

So what if they are cutting our pay and raising every friggin' bill, so what if groceries are getting more and more expensive, so what if everyone is nickel and diming me to death?

Life is good. Thank you!

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