And we ended it with a baaaa and some cow poop

Our school year is OFFICIALLY over!

And we survived our first year of homeschooling! It was a year of trial and errors, and growth. Of course, next year we will do everything different!

Thursday was our last day of school, and what better way to celebrate this than at the County Fair??? I am a woman of little words today, so I will visually guide through some high points:

Dolly, who has to be the coolest sheep ever! I just wanted to take her home! No worries, she was not being mistreated, and her wool was super soft. Imagine shearing her and spinning up a sweater!

Our little Garden in a Wheelbarrow. Yes, we were official entrants. Our garden turned out a bit sad, especially after a raccoon (REX!!!) dumped the first set of seeds, and we were obliged to use the seeds they furnished. Or so we though, as we received a letter 2 weeks before our drop off that we could add MORE to it. Ok, that was not happening. Our story board rocked though, and I think we should have won 1st place!

I admit, I am a cow lover. The smell of cow poop takes me right back to my childhood, and the animal barns are always my first destination at the Fair. I am happy we are vegetarians now, that was always a bit of a sticky situation, you know, kiss the cow on the head and then bite off her butt.....Heike Jr. #2 is a true farmer, and he and I will buy a farm one day while the other half of the family lives in the city and makes the big bucks...I swear this baby cow was talking to him!

The way to end the day, my favorite cake, thankfully sent to me by genius and soul saver Paula Dean. May I present: The Hummingbird Cake (minus the frosting!). Check out who is waiting for me to turn my back, 'cause he likes my Hummingbird Cake too!!

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