Is Blogging like High School?

The other day I read one of my favorite BBFF blogs. My BBFF (Best Blog Friend Forever)stated how she knew she would be blasted for what she was going to write, and how she knew she would be judged, and so on. Then the same thing on another BBFF blog! These are both wonderful, intelligent, super cool women. I sat, scrolling through the comments, and thought: "Geez, this is like High School!".

There are the POPULAR GIRLS, the ones who's blogs are so fabulous, and that have an entourage that follows them no matter what. They are constantly under scrutiny of:

The HATERS, the ones who like to comment on your blog and blast you with their opinions and judgment, and get off on making you look bad.

There are the ANONYMOUS commentators, the ones who like to blast you with their opinions and judgment, and get off on making you look bad, but don't have the CAJONES to put their name where their words are. (They are the same ones who put your phone number on the boys bathroom wall with "SLUT" above it, so puberty stricken boys could call your house in the middle of the night.)

The NERDS (like me?) who use their blogs as a form of expression and sanity saving. It is like talking to yourself, except you type. Every once in a while, someone answers :). You then find your cyber BBFF's....

There are the BBFF's, the ones who love you for who you are, always give you feedback, always leave a small token of their visit.....

If one BBFF is in need, the others are right there, and they spread the word, do some cyber fundraising and cyber hugging.

See, and if you piss off one BBFF, you better hold on to your ass, because the other BBFF's are right there as back up.

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