Man, they are good!

Today I made it a point to watch Oprah. Tina and Cher were on with her.

I LOVE Tina Turner! One of the last concerts I went to was Tina's "Private Dancer" concert in Frankfurt! Yes, I am quite old.....

At 61 and 68, Tina and Cher are still powerhouses. They both spoke about how hard it was for them to leave their respective asswipes...uh, husbands...and how they had to pay them off. Good riddance.

There was a huge lesson to be learned, and I am glad my 10 yr old daughter was watching this. These 3 (I am including Oprah) rose of out nothing, but their hard work, strength, and perseverance paid off.

And Tina is touring again!! Those tickets went right on my birthday wishlist....

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