Weird, Whacky Weekend full of Wrecks

This weekend brought strange things about this house :).

My daughter lost her first molar, and she is 10 and a half. It was her silver crowned one, and it just fell right out. Is this premium for the tooth fairy?? Worth more than just a plain ol' enamel tooth?? We will see.....

After just about melting away a few days ago, I ordered a swamp cooler for my non-airconditioned bedroom (that used to be our garage). The day it was delivered, the Weird Wind came and lasted for 2 days (talk about making people whacky, including myself!), and the temperature cooled off. The next day it rained. My living plants thanked the goddess, and I am saving a tremendous amount of energy...

This weekend was supposed to be my Big Birthday Getaway. Normally, we BBQ on Memorial Day, because my birthday always falls around there. But since my non cyber friends seem to have dwindled away in the last few years (or they just don't think my birthday is important enough to cancel other Memorial Day activities!!!) and I am always stuck with a party of no people, we decided to go to the beach in the Big Blue Van. WELL, the Gas God sure kicked me in the ass on that one!! (and I should really analyse why my cyber friends are my life line :)...I love y'all!!).

This is where I spent my Sunday instead:

Obviously, not the beach.

Instead, I got to accompany Mr. Heike to man's heaven, the car junk yard. This place is called Pick n' Pull, and you pay to get in, dismantle whatever part you need for your car, and pay a small fee for the part. It is a bit of a macabre Disneyland for men :). Seriously, when I walked in, I expected all the cars to hop off their makeshift car jacks and start dancing. Very eerie.

Mr. Heike was there earlier this morning and thought he saw the perfect captain seats for the Big Blue Van. Either someone else just happened to need them too, or his idea of an acceptable seat and mine are WAAAAAAYYYYYY different. all I can say. Those wrecks told me some unbelievable stories. Thank the goddess I had to go pee, and got to wait in the car for Mr. Heike to finish twiddling around in there.

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