Who would they trade me with??

Yesterday we happened to watch Trading Spouses - Meet the New Mommy.

OMG :).

We had the Louisiana Bayou Queen (who I loved, BTW) who did alligator tours, and the San Diego, CA, vegan woman (who I hated after 2 minutes).

Ok, the Californian was a bit uptight. I realize extremes are what make this show happen, but it really sparked some questions in this household:

Mr. Heike: "What?? They get $50,000?? Where do we sign you up?"
Kids: "HaHA!! Who would they trade Mama with??" (I will save you what they said, don't want to offend anyone, LOL!)
Rex: "Woof. Whatever, as long as she walks me!"

Really, who would they trade me with? I thought of my extreme opposite traits:
1. Works full time
2. Soccer mom
3. Kids go to public school, and have sport practice every day.
4. Sport meets every weekend.
5. Fast or convenience food every day.
6. Eat on the go all the time.
7. commute, commute, commute
8. Never touches alchohol
9. PTA
10.Church, very religious
11. Polluter
12. Brand clothes
13. Never a thrift store, only to drop things off
14. Hates big dogs, loves little yappy lap dogs that sleep on the couch or, eek!, in the bed.
15. Rap music lover :)
16. Loves to clean
17. No drums, ever
18. Early riser, early to bed
19. No computer
20. No Goddesses

Then I found this from a past show. Enjoy!