Yesterday, my kids and I spent about 5 hours at the river, swimming and playing with our friends. There is alot of snow run-off, so the water is icy cold. I wonder at what age you aquire the "Shit, this is way too cold" sensor in your body? Obviously, at about 15 years or older...because the kids did not seem to feel the iciness! I thought my heart would stop as I was floating down the current..

Anyways, I ALWAYS wear water shoes in the river, you never know what picnic piece or weird fishy you might step on...just like my kids always wear life jackets.

Today, we met my friend, and she invited us to go swimming at their club. "GREAT!" I thought, we can go swimming without all our gear and shoes. First, Heike Jr. #2 gave me at least 10 more grey hairs, as he just JUMPS right in the deep end, frantically making his way to the edge with me reeling him in. After we get all the rules situated, I am walking on the edge of the pool, and step on a BEE.

What the hell? Ow!!! What was that? (don't have my glasses on..) Ouch, ouch, OUCH! EEK! A bee!

So the little critter was still alive for a moment, and I heard somewhere that you should capture whatever bit you. I have never been stung by a bee, so I don't know what the hell to do now. All I know is that it hurts!

My big toe is swelling up, and my friend says to try to "flick" out the stinger. Ok. It still hurts, and my toe is getting bigger and bigger. Now I wonder, what if I am allergic or something? I would not know, would I?? I found out I was allergic to Penicillin when they gave it to me and 1 hour later I was covered with hives and difficulty breathing....

I am holding my toe, with a piece of ice, and I swear my leg is burning. I am trying to be brave, 'cause all the little kids are watching me.

Is my leg swelling like my toe?

Am I feeling faint?

Where is the beer when I need one?

OMG, this hurts like hell!

I am quite a pain weenie. But no panic, I think the bee did not have a chance to inject me with too much venom. After some time the swelling went down, and it stopped hurting.

My kids are laughing at me.

I just packed some baking soda (that is supposed to pull out the venom???) in my camping first aid kit. At least now I will not look totally flustered if one of us get stung again...

Oh, and I am not allergic :).