The time has come, the limits are overtaxed, it is time to ZEN this house!! Week One, Health & Family.

If you know me, you know that deep inside I really want to Feng Shui the world! I found Feng Shui many years ago, before it was hip, and secretly wish I could do this for living. I am very good at giving tips, feng shui'ing my friends' house or business, etc. When it comes to my own house, I am obviously totally oblivious to the fact that is in deep shit. Literally, our house is busting out of the seam with crap. It is time to dust off my books, put on some gear, and tackle my house.

When you see these shocking pictures, don't judge me. I am going to show you pictures that would make my Oma shriek! Thank the Goddess she does not have a computer...I am showing this so you can follow along. Join me if you like! Let me know if you are, and we can send each telepathic booster, or just chin-chin to a big glass of wine at the end of a hard working day.

I am going to tackle one section a week. I always recommend tackling your highest priority first. Mine is our Health & Family. That is because my body feels like shit, and my kids are getting alot of allergy symptons lately...we are not the sickly type. So my first challenge: Health & Family (this may make my husband nicer, my kids behave, and my dog listen too!!!). Here is a Bagua map. Virtually lay it over your house to find your sections, with the bottom row over your entrance. Your entrance is the starting point.

Click here for a printable Bagua map from

Just a note: I am not a professional feng shui consultant :). Yes, I think I know what I am doing, but there are several different practices of Feng Shui. This is how I do it. Please don't send me criticism, only great messages or Feng Shui tips. If you see something you need, let me know before I get rid of it...I love to pass things on! I will share my favorite books below, and may add more as I go. These are the ones you can refer to if you wish to do this at home. This blog is not intended to teach Feng Shui (though I love to talk about it!!), but to show you my progression, and hopefully report all the great changes it invokes.

Ok, are you ready for the NOW pictures??

oh la la! This is what I look at when I open the door to my laundry room/pantry/catch-all-the-shit-that-has-no-place-elsewhere-in-the-house. My goddess! This is my Health & Family area. Is it any wonder I yucky, and we are sick all the time lately?

Yes, I lean over that junk to get to my washer...and way back there is the dog food canister and toilet paper :)..

One of my many stashes of yarn. Yes, one. I have at least 4 around the house, and several up in the attic...

The top of the dryer is the catch all for all things that the dryer catches, so you see several Legos, rocks, money, etc. Also dog snacks, duct tape, etc, since I can't make it back to the pantry and tool box, which you see here:

Yes, this is where I stash my cans, tools, and art supplies for the kids. As well as many coffee canisters, bottles, glasses, ( I think I have a box/canister addiction??), and any other materials that can be turned into something, someday.

Ok, here are my favorite books. Some of them are a quicker read, such as the Western Guide to Feng Shui, since you can go right to your section and start making changes. Others, like Sacred Space, are deeper, and it is was my intro into Feng Shui :).

As you will read anywhere, the first step is to get rid of clutter, broken, old, and just plain old nasty. I will post if I find any treasures as I purge, or any mysterious objects...ew...hopefully no black widows :(....

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