Cable, be gone!

A few months ago, I prepared my deposition.

I listed all the pros and cons, made my budget prognosis, and listed suggestions for alternative activities.

I wanted to cancel our cable TV. Seriously, we watch 6 channels of the 100+, the rest are trash. So why can't I just choose and pay for the ones we watch??


After many months of discussions and contemplating, we received a bill that was almost $30 more than the usual already too high bill because we were no longer under contract. Hallejulah! It was a sign.

So we have been officially cable free for ONE WEEK. We are surviving, really. Actually, it has not only cut down on my little TV addict, Heike Jr. #2, watching junk, it has also completely eliminated arguments between myself and Mr. Heike about what show on CourtTV is even remotely appropriate for children.

I do miss my HGTV and FoodChannel, but I will survive (I can always watch Paula on the internet), and we signed up with NetFlix where I can finally catch up on my Chick Flicks!

Otherwise, it is all good. Who knows, in February, instead of getting an HD box, we may just defy "them" totally, and go (gasp!!) TV-less???

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