I know what you were doing while I was away....

Now I can spill the beans, because it is all over.

I was alone for 5 whole days, with my dog, while my family went away on a mini vacation to ALABAMA!!! for a family reunion :) While they were having a wonderful time with family & friends, I was home.

Was I sad? After day one of feeling lost and painfully unscheduled, I settled into my role of bum and enjoyed the moment. I made piles of paper everywhere, and did not feel the need to move them in order to set the table, sleep in my bed, etc. I found long lost receipts and legos. I scrubbed my kids' rooms, and made a mental note to lecture on "hygiene" when they get home. I went to a fancy dinner with a friend, and to the Greek Food Festival with another friend. I took my dog to the river and on long walks without looking at my phone to see what time it is...we went home whenever my legs cried or the hot dog treats ran out. I took long trips to the thrift store and left with nothing. I made blackberry jam....and it is highly edible this time!!! I was so excited, I bought more glasses and made Zwetschgen jam too. What are Zwetschgen?? That will be your riddle from me ....

I drank wine, and beer, all by myself. I finished two of the books I was reading for a very long time. I ripped out my dead garden, weeded, and planted a zillion bean and pea seeds...and put a curse on those damn rats that ate my tomatoes. I finally picked my sage before it wilted and made lavendar/sage smudge sticks.

Yesterday, I was so happy to have my family back. They were home for 30 minutes and it was loud, messy, and crazy again.

Home sweet home.

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