Weekend Warrior

The weekend is upon us!

We love the lazy days of the weekend. Sundays are "hang out and scour the Sunday paper with a huge cup of coffee"...then comes the rest of the day.

Here are some of the things we do, and they are under $20!!

1. Go to the Farmers' Market at 11:40 am and get the best deals! Bags of delicious fruits and veggies, packed to go home with you instead of back to the farm... :)...It is like a treasure hunt for us. How much yummies can we buy for $20??

2. Take a long walk to the funky little waffle house that is filled with cute seniors on Sunday morning. Order 2 humongous breakfast entrees, and share. Lots of coffee comes with them anyways, what else does a girl need? Then take the long walk back home to get rid of all that healthy breakfast......

3. Take your $20 and go to the Thrift store! Give each child $2 to buy what they want, and go HUNT! Most of our local thrift stores have an email list where you get notices of sales. Really, a pair of new jeans for my son at $1.99, with an extra 50% off?? You can buy a new weekend outfit for the whole family for that price!

4. Take your kids for a night ride! Stop at Dairy Queen for a small ice-cream dipped in CHOCOLATE!! Ride as far as your expensive gas will take you...and back home. If you are lucky, they will be asleep when you get home and you can sit back and relax with your honey-bunny and.......

5. Take the family, including dog, to the river for a long walk, with the theme "rocks". Find fabulous rocks to take home and decorate, paint, stack...or just leave around the house like in our casa. Give your dog a doggy backpack, he can help carry.

6. Rent a cool movie for the family, turn on the AC, make popcorn, cool a beer, and laugh, laugh, laugh! Some of latest adventures: The Witches/ Yours, Mine, and Ours/ Scooby Doo (various versions), The Haunted House.

7. Call your girlfriend and hang out in the bookstore with a huge Latte', in your favorite section, and chatter (you will find me in the "Occult" section :)..LOL..with my big black hat on.).

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